Indie Bands - and why I listen to them.

Ever since I started listening to music that wasn’t the radio back in 5th grade, I listened to a lot of lesser-known bands. I didn’t notice how different my music choice was from my peers until a few years ago, when “hipsters” became mainstream. It also wasn’t until then that I knew what a hipster was.
When I google a band’s name, I want actual news about the band - not tabloid gossip and rumors. I want updates and music that was put online by the band members themselves. There’s a special connection that fans have with bands when there aren’t middle men putting information online about bands.
With the wide variety of social media nowadays, it is easy to message an artist and talk to them, whether it’s about music or daily life. Before I stopped using instagram, I used to follow members of bands and they followed me back. They liked/commented on pictures every once in awhile and I did the same on theirs. With a lot of mainstream bands there isn’t that kind of connection as the fan base is just too large.
Discovering bands that everyone isn’t talking about gives me a feeling similar to that of adventure. Society/radio often label certain songs/bands as “good music” or “bad music”. Radio stations also play similar genres of music. Finding music that doesn’t have labels attached allows me to form my own opinion without a previous perspective. It allows me to listen to music that makes me feel good without people judging me because I like “that” band or I listen to “that” type of music.


If I had a dollar every time someone asked me about college, I’d have enough money to pay for college.

Nowadays in order to get a decent job, you need a college degree. You can be the most qualified person for the job but if you do not have a college degree than you will not get the job. The whole concept of college is convoluted. Majority of college graduates have thousands upon thousands dollars in debt. They do, however, have a college degree which increases their chance of getting a job that pays well. Once they find a job (which probably won’t even be in the field they want because there are hundreds of college graduates applying for the same few jobs) they work to pay off their college debt for years to come.

What does college tuition even pay for? A good education? I was always told that experience was the best education. I feel I could learn a lot more about the “real world” grown ups were always warning me about, from going out and interacting with people instead of worrying about what to major in.